Our Staff

We are currently without a full time pastor


Ms. Rachel Robins, Office Administrator

Rachel Robins was born third in a family of four daughters in Phoenix, Arizona on April 26th, 1985. She grew up in a godly household and has been a Christian since the age of five; by eight, she was baptized. After a debilitating seven car accident in 2005 left her in a wheelchair, Rachel returned to higher education and graduated with an Associates of English in 2008, a Bachelors of Arts in Christian Studies in 2010, and a Masters in Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction in 2014. She has since recovered all mobility.

It was mid-2013 when Rachel responded to the Lord’s call to move to the Pacific Northwest. Halfway through grad school, Rachel acted on her faith by quitting her job in Phoenix and left her family and friends behind to relocate to Seattle, with neither a job or a place to live waiting for her. Following the Lord’s call has paid off, however, as she now finds herself serving the Lord best at Messiah. Additionally, Rachel has successfully helped to relocate one sister to the area and is in the process of helping her parents retire nearby.

Rachel’s interests involve fiction, cats, and the creation-then-consumption of gluten-free concoctions.