Pastor Ted and Rebecca Krey


Rev. Ted and Rebecca Krey serve the Lord based in the Dominican Republic. Ted serves as the regional director for the Latin America and the Caribbean region of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). In this role, Ted oversees the missionaries and mission projects supported by the LCMS and maintains relationships with partner/sister churches in the region. He also works with future pastors, deacons and deaconesses. Serving alongside a multi-national mission team, Ted partners in ministry with 15 countries and works to establish church plants in nine countries in this region.

As a result of what the Lord is doing through the efforts of Ted and this regional mission team, five missions, with four seminarians, are being established; one Dominican pastor and 13 deacons/deaconesses are in training; a school, from kindergarten through seventh grade, was started in 2011; a group home providing care for children with disabilities was established in 2011 (current enrollment is 6 children); and in 2013, a seminary and a preschool were opened. Please continue to pray for Ted, this mission team and all of these mission projects, that the Lord would bless the preaching and teaching of His Word through each of them.

Ted is a 2001 graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Ind. Rebecca (Pollex) has a master’s degree in biochemistry and formerly worked in a genetics research lab, studying cardiovascular disease and diabetes. She also previously served for two years as a long-term missionary in Slovakia teaching English and has served in a multitude of other capacities in the church. Prior to moving to the Dominican Republic, Ted served in Venezuela for eight years. Rebecca joined him in the missionary field after they were married in June 2008. Ted and Rebecca’s daughter, Esther, was born in April 2009; their son, Matthias, was born in November 2010; their daughter, Natalia Anna, was born in November 2012; and their daughter, Evangeline, was born in September 2014.


The Kreys write, “Please pray for our new Dominican brothers and sisters in Christ, as men are formed to establish Word and Sacrament communities and women are formed as deaconesses. Currently, the Dominican Lutheran church consists of 300 baptized and confirmed members in the entire country. Also, pray for us as we work in different parts of the country and this region, seeking to teach those who will respond to hearing the Gospel.” Give thanks to God for the strong response that the Dominican people have shown to His Word in worship services, Bible studies, theological studies and human care ministries. Finally, please ask the Lord of the harvest to call more men and women in service to Him.

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