Basic Lutheran Teachings

Basic Lutheran Teachings is a 12-week adult instruction course on the basic teachings of Christianity taught by Pastor Mankin. This is a safe, non-threatening environment to learn about the meaning and importance of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Christian church. Questions are encouraged. Here is the opportunity to have your questions answered concerning the spiritual/religious aspects of life. There is no obligation to join Messiah Lutheran Church. Pastor Mankin promises an enjoyable and beneficial learning experience.

Next Course Starts

April 22, 2018

Class Times

Sundays from 6:30 pm — 8:30 pm
(every week for 12 sessions)


Messiah Lutheran Church Seattle
1st floor in the Fellowship Hall


Click here to Register on-line.

To register, you may call the church office between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm at (206) 524-0024, or e-mail the office at We will need your name, address, phone number and any childcare requirements you may need.

More Details

»Cost of class is fully subsidized by Messiah Lutheran Church as a service to our community
»Materials are provided free of charge at the first class
»Refreshments are provided
»Childcare is available at the church on request


To watch the Adult Information Class videos by former Pastor Lassman click here.

Course Outline

Week One – God the Father and Sin
Who is God? That's a Sin

Week Two – It's All about Jesus
Who is Jesus?

Week Three – End of the World, and death.
What happens in the End?

Week Four – Faith, Jesus and the Church
Oh my!

Week Five – Faith, Power, and the Pastor
Who's in charge here?

Week Six – Contemporary Issues in Church
Church Relations, Marriage, and Roles of Women 

Week Seven – Word: Law and Gospel
How does God speak to us?

Week Eight – Baptism and Confession
Incorporation and forgiveness.

Week Nine – The Lord's Supper
Dinner with sinners

Week Ten – Forgiveness: Lord’s Supper
Sacrament of the Altar

Bonus Weeks

Week Eleven - Liturgy

Finding your place.

Week Twelve - The Church Year

Why we do what we do.

Week Thirteen - Martin Luther

Was he the Civil Rights guy from the '60s? No.